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Today, modern methods of manufacturing and production have made plywood one of the most widely used engineered wood products in building, furniture and cabinet making.ROCPLEX Master the most advanced production technology,The quality control of plywood has reached the world advanced level.


Plywood is made from thin layers of wood shaved from logs. The layers, called veneers, are orientated so that the grain of one layer opposes the grain of the layers above and below. The opposing grain directions make plywood a stable product that resists warping and expands and contracts evenly with temperature and humidity changes. Manufacturers orientate the layers, add glue and apply pressure and heat to form the finished product.

Wood Veneers

The veneer layers rotate a log on a large lathe and shave a continuous sheet of veneer from it. The slices are then trimmed and glued together to form the veneer sheets.ROCPLEX veneer need pick and trim careful to ensure quality achieve the highest load bearing capacity.

Plywood Glue

The glue used to manufacture plywood falls into four different categories. Waterproof glue used to manufacture marine and exterior plywood is suitable for long-term exposure to water. Plywood with an Exposure 1 rating uses water-resistant glue suitable for high humidity and limited exposure to wet conditions. The glue for Exposure 2 plywood resists humidity for short periods, but not wet conditions. Plywood made with Interior-rated glue requires protection from high humidity and wet conditions.

Specialty Plywoods

Specialty plywood products make use of the specific properties of materials different from wood veneers. Some of these products use different materials for the outer layers and regular wood veneers for the inner layers. Other specialty products use wood veneers for the outer layers and materials such as fiberboard, particle board or hardboard for the inner layers. Still other products use both wood veneers and other materials for the inner layers and wood veneers for the outer layers.

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