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Structural plywood is a series of timber veneers glued and pressed at right angles to each other to form a rigid board. Wood’s structural plywood is manufactured to AS/NZS 2269 with a permanent Type A phenolic resin. Structural plywood suits most building applications and comes in many sheet sizes, thicknesses and face grades.

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A waterproof type “A” Bond glue is used in Structural plywood.  The glue is usually identified by its red/brown/black colour.  The glue bond is tested by 72 hour boil test.

The veneers are coated with glue then hot pressed under extreme pressure to set the glue and Structural plywood is the result of this process.

Structural plywood is normally pressed in uneven layers of veneers.  Different thickness veneers are utilised to achieve varying plywood thicknesses.

 Structural plywood is for use in all permanent structural and engineered applications. A Bond is durable and permanent under conditions of full weather exposure and long term stress. Structural plywood should be preservative treated to ensure it lasts its full service life as it is manufacture

Suitable applications for structural plywood

As the name suggests, structural plywood is best used for building and construction purposes like beams and hoardings.

But this type of plywood can also be used in crates, internal structures, bins, boxes, and outdoor furniture.

Some structural plywoods are also used for wall and roof bracing. If you want the best structural plywood board in terms of longevity and durability, get the A-Bond type as those can definitely withstand some serious beating from the different elements.

If you are looking for something that can withstand a lot of moisture, there is a special type of structural plywood called Marine Grade Plywood. This type of board is so adept at taking in water that it can even withstand hours of continuous boiling without de-laminating.  Marine Plywood is made with glues that are WBP which stands for weather and boil proof.

Structural plywood can be both A and B-Bond type. The difference with the two is that A-Bond is still much more durable than its B counterpart. Plywood boards with B-Bond are still suitable for exterior door skins and concrete formwork where it has some protection from harsh weather elements.

d from a range of hardwood and softwood timber species.

Structural Plywood AS 6669 - A Bond glue line. 

Suitable Applications:

furniture carcasses




internal structures

bins, boxes and crates

Standard Size

Structural plywood is available in 2400 x 1200mm/1200x1800

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