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SENSO Formply is plywood made with a high-density overlay (HDO) of Phenolic resin infused paper bond to give you an amazing off form finish and its structural integrity allows multiple reuses across the Concrete, Building and Construction Industries.

The surrounding edge of the plywood is hot sealed with a paint based Acrylic giving maximum durability and moisture resistance.  Our formply is available in F17 with a type A glue bond and is manufactured to Australian Standards AS/NZS 2269 100% hardwood and meets the strength rating required.  This safeguard helps assure the hardwood face veneer and provides a solid flat surface for concrete work and of course, creates an ultra smooth finish once the concrete has set and the Formply is removed.

SENSO formply is of the highest quality on the market today and at the most competitive price. We pride ourselves on meeting our clients needs/expectations and satisfaction as well as supplying and delivering high quality plywood for a 100% finish on your concrete.

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