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Formply is constructed with eucalyptus for superior strength and stiffness. It is a structural plywood overlaid on both sides with a resin-impregnated film that has been fused into the surface veneer under heat and pressure. The resulting surface proves to be resistant to moisture making it particularly suitable for repeated use in concrete formwork.

Formply is the well-known plywood specifically engineered for the Concrete Formwork Industry.

Certified to specific stress-grades, Formply is typically available in various strength ratings from F11 thru to F27. F17 Formply  are 17mm thick is the most popular choice, plus 12mm and 25mm are now also available in 1800 X 1200mm and 2400 X 1200mm sheets.

Film-face plywood is non-structural rated plywood and also commonly used in the concrete formwork industry where certified plywood is not required.

SENSO-Film faced plywood is a unique range of double sided film-faced high-grade eucalyptus core plywood to create the ultimate designer plywood for all joinery and furniture applications only available at SENSO Plywood.

SENSO Film plywood is Australia’s safety essential for today’s Residential and Educational projects.

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