formplywood and formply weight in formply waterproof

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formplywood and formply weight in formply waterproof



Formplywood, basically formply is a plywood with a “phenolic waterproof film” or phenolic impregnated paper overlay to give excellent off form finishes and multiple re-uses. Edges are also usually sealed. (For full details ee PAA manual Plywood in Concrete Formwork). Formply is normally manufactured in 4 stress grades ranging from F11 to F22 in 3 gluelines Type A, Type B and even Type C (INTERIOR). So care must be taken to specify the right type for the right job. E.g. It would be foolish to use a Type C bonded formply where long term exposure to the elements would apply.

formply weight 

Weights of Plywood varies dependant on the species, however, as a guide approximate weight of 2400 x 1200mm radiate pine structural plywood panels are as follows:

7mm 13kgs 15mm 26kgs

9mm 15kgs 17mm 29kgs

12mm 21kgs 20mm 34kgs

formply waterproof

Formply is waterpoof plywood. Surface use waterproof HDO film, glue use A bond phenolic waterproof glue. All of formply must with high waterproof capability.


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