CD ply and cd plywood for cd grade ply

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CD ply and cd plywood for cd grade ply


CD ply plywood is cd ply or called cd plywood. CD ply is said pine plywood with surface is C grade and D grade.

SENSO CD ply structural plywood is manufactured to AS/NZS 2269 with a permanent Type A phenolic resin. Structural plywood suits most building applications and comes in many sheet sizes, thicknesses and face grades. Common veneer face grades are CD & DD as well as appearance grade.

‘C’ face is a non-appearance grade where knots and defects are filled. ‘D’ face is non appearance, where limited knots and defects are permitted. Designed for applications requiring a solid non-decorative surface, when appearance is not important. If in exposed weather, plywood may need to be preservative treated.

CD grade plywood Uses and Limitations
Locations such as laundry room floors or bathroom walls are great places to use CD plywood. These areas are at risk of becoming very humid or damp, which makes this moisture resistant plywood a great option in most construction projects. Since the plywood is water resistant, its useful in any location that may have water exposure, but keep in mind that it's not waterproof. One of CD plywood's characteristics is water retention when it comes into contact with harsh elements like rain. Once the plywood dries, it may end up warped due to the elements.


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