film faced plywood business and film faced plywood buyer for film faced plywood china

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film faced plywood business and film faced plywood buyer for film faced plywood china

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film faced plywood surface is smooth, and hard. It resists abrasion, it is weather and moisture proof and resists commonly used chemicals. The surface is easy to clean with water or steam. Abrasion resistance according to the Taber test (EN 438-2).

film faced plywood range of plywood is a phenolic impregnated over-lay, pressed onto both sides of a Birch plywood substrate. The film faced plywood is pressed onto the plywood in a hot press at high heat and high temperature. The film faced plywood is a paper saturated with phenolic resin.

film faced plywood is essentially an industrial type product that has gained acceptance within the decorative market. Each sheet is unique and has some minor imperfections which add character to the product. This is inherent with film faced plywood face products and in no way affects the overall performance of the product.

film faced plywood is suitable for horizontal and vertical situations.

film faced plywood is suitable for exterior use, however the colour of the film faced plywood will change over time (as does timber) when exposed to sunlight and the elements. film faced plywood will fade after prolonged exposure to the elements.

The above must be taken into account when specifying for aesthetic applications and decorative exterior purposes.

film faced plywood is available in coloured, or translucent film faced plywood in 7 different colours and a range of thicknesses with every sheet having the superior edge detail that is unique to Birch plywood.

Plywood does not guarantee any plywood is suitable for use as doors. Plywood advises careful consideration be given to the size of the panel when contemplating using plywood as a door, with some success having been attained with smaller sized panels.

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