formply weight and formply waterproof for formply plywood

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formply weight and formply waterproof for formply plywood

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Formply Weight and formply waterproof

A high quality panel developed specifically for the Australian formwork market.

Pack size 40 sheets | Thickness: 17mm | Size: 1800mmx1200mm | kg/sheet: 23

Pack size 40 sheets | Thickness: 17mm | Size: 2400mmx1200mm | kg/sheet: 31

Products benefits in overview:

-Birch face, Eucalyptus core. 11 Ply structural

-Coated both sides with 120/220 gm² phenolic resin film

-A Bond. Sealed edges

-AS 6669,AS/NZS 2269 Certified 

-FSC Certified 

Formrite F17:

A high quality and durable panel capable of multiple reuses.

Pack size 40 sheets | Thickness: 17mm | Size: 1800mmx1200mm | kg/m²: 9.6

Pack size 45 sheets | Thickness: 17mm | Size: 2400mmx1200mm | kg/m²: 9.6

Products benefits in overview:

Formply plywood Advantage:

Formply has a fine, uniform grain and light color, making it ideal for projects where a lighter finish is desired;

Easy to stainable and paintable;

Easy to work with, great for machining and finishing;

Meets the highest grading standards for strength and appearance;

Accepts a wide range of finishes beautifully;

Practical way to bring warmth and beauty to any project;

Handy size means less waste, and an economical price;

ROCPLEX Formply easy to transport, lightweight, and priced right - everything you need to get a job done quickly.

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