CD structural plywood and structural cd plywood for cd grade plywood

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CD structural plywood and structural cd plywood for cd grade plywood

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CD structural plywood face and back:

(1). Face/back : pine

(2). The grade of face/back:B/C grade, C+/C grade, C/D grade, CDX grade

(3). Core: poplar

(4). The grade of the core: A+ grade, A grade, B+ grade

(5). Glue: WBP GLUE

(6). Size: 1220X2440mm, 1250X2500mm,1500X3000mm

(7).Thickness: 2.4mm-30mm

(8).Packing: Standard seaworthy packing.

2. The characteristics of pine  cd grade plywood

(1). Usually people require C+/C grade face/back .

(2). The plywood is well sanded and very flat .

(3). The face/back feel a little oiled because the nature of pine wood itself .

(4). The inner quality varys from best quality (A+ grade, A grade) to medium quality(B+ grade) .

(5). Most of pine plywood are exported to EU, USA, Canada .

3. The common construction/quality-requirement

Customers usually require the pine plywood as the following:

SEQ No. PP-1:

Structural cd plywood, CD (CDX) grade pine F/B, A or B+ grade poplar core, MR(or WBP(melamine)) glue

4.The application of pine plywood

For interior application as furniture/roofing panel/underlayment/subfoor; for exterior application as building materials/fences/signs and so on .

5. The staple market of pine plywood

About 90% of pine plywood are exported to EU , USA, Canada ; about 10% are exported to Africa, Middle East and other countries .

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