formply kitchen and formply furniture for formply flooring

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Formply kitchen and formply furniture for formply flooring

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SENSO Formply kitchen use plywood.

SENSO formply kitchen use plywood is a high quality plywood produced predominantly from graded Pinus radiata. 

Overlaid with a hard durable resin-impregnated paper, it has a smooth finish, 

and its hard phenolic surface and outer veneers make it both reusable and durable. 

Glued with a phenol formaldehyde resin A-Type Marine bond, 

Formrite can withstand the rigours of construction moisture and with the addition of a cross-laminate construction 

it is also less likely to expand or contract when exposed to rain and temperature changes, making it an effective formply solution.

SENSO formply gets its name from its primary use which is forming up or making frames for pouring concrete.

It consists of plywood coated with a high density layer of phenlic resin, which makes a very hard and water resistant surface. 

This surface coating laid over a high quality hard wood ply and A bond glue, results in a product that is very versatile.

SENSO Formply kitchen use plywood size:

Width 1200 mm = 4ft

Length 2400 mm = 8ft

SENSO Formply kitchen use plywood Thickness:

12 mm = 15 / 32’’

15 mm = 19 / 32’’

17 mm = 23 / 32’’

25 mm 

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