film coated plywood and film faced ply for film faced plywood bunnings

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film coated plywood and film faced ply for film faced plywood bunnings

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Film Coated Plywood is an exterior grade boiling waterproof plywood manufactured using specially formulated phenolic resin. After making the assembly pack with selected and resin impregnated veneers, the face veneer on either side in topped with phenolic resin impregnated film and encased in mirror finished plates and laminated under high pressure in a special press for final curing.

Film Coated Plywood Feature:

Hard and mirror like finish on both surface is an extra finish

This finish on R. C C. Construction leads to 49% cost saving

It can withstand water and abrasive action of concrete, particularly where vibrators are used

Scratch resistance & Excellent Mechanical property

Film Coated Plywood Usage For Shuttering Works:

Factories and Buildings

Sewer construction

Bridge Construction

It is also used for other exterior and general shuttering world


Proper care should be taken during erection and dismantling of the Euro each Film Coated Plywood, so that it can be used a number of times

Occasional application of releasing agent or mould oils is required to prevent the cement from sticking to the shuttering Plywood surface

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