film faced plywood hs code and film faced plywood importer for film faced plywood importers

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film faced plywood hs code and film faced plywood importer for film faced plywood importers

film faced plywood hs code is 4412330090.

SENSO is wholesaler of film faced plywood and provide products to film faced plywood importers in worldwide.

SENSO film faced plywood is WBP (exterior) hardwood plywood overlaid by a film (a thin paper treated with synthetic resin) from one or both sides of a panel.

Using hardwood as raw material for plywood production gives exclusive strength properties to the ready-for-use product. Using hardwood raw material for plywood production allows outstanding strength characteristics of the product.

SENSO film faced plywood is recognized for its wear resistance and strength, high water-proof characteristics, resistance to chemical agents and other corrosive liquids action, resistance to detergents and cleansers, safe application.

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Name film faced plywood  -SENSO
Face / Back
phenolic film double side
GradeAA grade
Core  Poplar core /   Combi core /   Hardwood core /  Pine core  /  Birch core  
Glue  MR glue, WBP glue , Phenolic glue
Thickness4-28mm  (normal thickness : 12mm , 15mm, 17mm,18mm, 21mm)








Moisture Content8-14%

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