form ply sheet sizes

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Form ply sheet sizes

Manufactured in China at SENSO  factory, all SENSO  form ply is certified under the EWPAA product certification scheme to meet AS/NZS 6669. 

All products carry the PAA stamp of accreditation to the relevant Australian and New Zealand Standards under a JAS-ANZ accredited, third party audited quality control program that is internationally recognised.

Refer to the Specifications below for full product information, including comparative features and benefits of each product in the range.

Formply Range

Form ply sheet sizes

Stress Grade    form ply sheet sizes              Thicknesses    Construction

F27/F22         1800×1200, 2400×1200       12, 17, 19 & 25mm    Total hardwood

F22/F14         1800×1200, 2400×1200  12, 17, 19 & 25mm    Total hardwood

F17/F14         1800×1200, 2400×1200  12, 17, 19 & 25mm    Total hardwood

F14         1800×1200, 2400×1200                12, 17, 19 & 25mm     Mixture pine and hardwood

Please contact our sales team for more about form ply sheet sizes detailed information regarding plywood products .

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form ply sheet sizes

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