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What is the film faced plywood? What is its use? What is the concrete pouring forming to support the shape? That is the film faced plywood. film faced plywoods in accordance with the nature of the material is generally divided into film faced plywoods, building wood panels, double panels, steel formwork. Now let's take a closer look at the film faced plywoods and the architectural template size.

film faced plywood - Introduction


At present, most buildings are reinforced concrete structures. The film faced plywood is an important construction tool for this structure. Almost accounted for the total cost of the project cost of 20% to 30%. The use of film faced plywoods is directly related to the quality and efficiency of the entire project, including the cost of construction projects. To promote the development of a project you have to start from the template.

Wooden film faced plywoods

This architectural template belongs to an artificial film faced plywood. We are more commonly used wood film faced plywoods are plywood, pallets and so on. Wood construction template is in the heating, no heating conditions can be suppressed successfully. Layers of odd odd few, hard texture, normal structure.

Modern film faced plywood

Modern film faced plywoods have a modular steel formwork, which is easy to handle and easy to handle. This is a very versatile film faced plywood. This kind of "to steel and wood" of the new template is the most prominent number of times the most prominent. film faced plywoods need to bear the various loads in the construction process, the significance of extraordinary.

Plywood film faced plywood

Plywood film faced plywoods are mainly wood plywood and bamboo plywood. Wood plywood is characterized by light weight, large area. Easy processing, the number of turnaround. Bamboo plywood is better than wood in terms of strength, stiffness and hardness. And is not easy to deform, even after the damp.

film faced plywood specifications

China commonly used architectural template size, generally: 830mm x 915mm, 1220mm x 2440mm two, the thickness of about 11 ~ 18mm. The following is the architectural template detailed specifications:

Specifications: 1830 * 915 * 11 (mm)

Specifications: 1830 * 915 * 12 (mm)

Specifications: 1830 * 915 * 13 (mm)

Specifications: 1830 * 915 * 14 (mm) commonly used

Specifications: 1830 * 915 * 15 (mm) commonly used

Specifications: 1830 * 915 * 16 (mm)

Specifications: 1830 * 915 * 17 (mm)

Specifications: 1830 * 915 * 18 (mm)

Specifications: 1220 * 2440 * 11 (mm)

Specifications: 1220 * 2440 * 12 (mm)

Specifications: 1220 * 2440 * 13 (mm)

Specifications: 1220 * 2440 * 14 (mm)

Specifications: 1220 * 2440 * 15 (mm) commonly used

Specifications: 1220 * 2440 * 16 (mm)

Specifications: 1220 * 2440 * 17 (mm)

Specifications: 1220 * 2440 * 18 (mm)

Basic Situation of Clear Water Concrete Formwork

Clear water concrete template according to the requirements of the building can be divided into two categories, the first is no construction requirements of the water concrete template, the second is the construction requirements of the water concrete template. There are construction requirements of the water concrete template can also be divided into two categories, in fact, popular said that no concrete requirements of the concrete can also become a common concrete template, this common concrete template is generally used in the basement of the external walls.

This kind of concrete products in the construction method is a lot of attention, such as according to innovative ideas, according to their own design requirements, will be decorated with water concrete around the beam in the general case of hyperboloid and multi-surface model specifications Beam, in the construction process need to pay attention to the beam and the beam between the direct should be 25 mm, be sure to strictly in accordance with the requirements of the use. There is also a situation is that if the project is relatively long, there may be cracks in the situation, if you want to prevent the emergence of this situation, usually in the floor or beam are equipped with structural joints, the general structure of the width of 100 , Generally can not exceed this data!

Green film faced plywood of the six characteristics

In our country to actively respond to climate change, vigorously promote energy conservation and emission reduction situation, if the film faced plywood industry, invented a substitute for steel and bamboo, wood green film faced plywood materials, environmental benefits, social benefits is undoubtedly huge. Green energy-saving film faced plywood is in this context to study the invention. Green film faced plywood entirely by the polymer fiber reinforced composite materials, in the molten state through the injection molding process injection molding. Production process is simple, from raw materials to the construction of the template production process, no waste water, waste gas and waste emissions, no noise pollution, the whole process of production to achieve zero pollution. At the same time can also be recycled, in line with national environmental protection and environmental protection policies. China invented the green film faced plywoods to worry about the development of film faced plywoods industry people delighted.

This green film faced plywood has more than 30 different sizes and sizes that can be easily applied to different parts of the building's walls, beams, columns, floors and so on; the template is equipped with a dedicated snap and angle, Demolition is very convenient; can replace a variety of traditional film faced plywoods, widely used in industrial, commercial and civil construction market. China invented the green film faced plywood has the following six characteristics:

First, the green film faced plywood support, demolition easy

This green film faced plywood, mold, mold is very simple. Easy to operate, easy to operate; simple and fast operation; template surface smooth, easy stripping, easy to clean maintenance, no release agent, the use of the template after the surface of non-stick cement, the template does not require cleaning; in the same workload conditions, Comparable steel template increased by 40%; compared with the bamboo template, in the course of the need for nails fixed, the construction efficiency can be increased by 40%. Like walls, columns of the template can also be removed as a whole, layer by layer. Labor intensity is also greatly reduced.

Second, the green film faced plywood with a short time

Under the same conditions, the construction area of each 1000 square meters of horizontal template laying, connecting time-consuming comparison table is as follows, that is, the same building area, green energy-saving film faced plywood time-consuming than the traditional template savings of about 40%.

Third, the green film faced plywood disassembly time is short

Green energy-saving film faced plywood thermal expansion coefficient and concrete far behind, after pouring, with the temperature changes and concrete coagulation, the template and the pouring of concrete automatically disengage, without tapping can be easily removed, the operating time will be greatly saved.

Fourth, green film faced plywood handling easy and safe

This green film faced plywood density is 1.2 g / cm3, only 1/7 of the steel, light weight, a worker can easily get a piece of 900 mm × 1800 mm of the template, easy to handle. Templates in the course of use will not be deformed, will not absorb water, do not need to use nails fixed, can greatly improve the construction safety, the damage rate of less than 2 ‰.

Five, green film faced plywoods save wood side

film faced plywood system, the wood consumption is the largest template support system, especially sub-Leng, that is, wood side. In the laying of green film faced plywoods, the times Leng spacing can be increased to 600 mm to 700 mm, the cost of working timber than the traditional template to save about 2/3. Each 1000 square meters of construction area, platinum gravel resistant building blocks of wood procurement costs than the traditional template to save about 15,000 yuan. Compared with the traditional template, you can reduce the use of wood and steel nails, and a single comprehensive use of the cost can save about 30%, auxiliary costs can be reduced by about 40%.

Six, green film faced plywood saving accessories

Easy to remove the use of iron nails, wire; smooth surface smooth, no release agent; standard template, complete specifications, no need to re-processing; clean water, the basic elimination of clean envelope expenditure; light weight, reduce transport costs; More than 40%, equipment rental costs simultaneously reduced by more than 40%.

Protection method of building cover plate

We use the building cover plate and do not pay attention to its protection, will cause damage to the film faced plywood to make use of our damage, we need to protect it is very important, the following by Xiaobian to introduce you to protect the building The method of laminating plate!

1, in the brick wall support ring beam template, to prevent the collision of the most skin tiles, to protect the steel from disturbance.

2, after supporting the template, should keep the mold clean, to prevent falling into the bricks, stones, sawdust and other debris.

3, the structure of the column outside the wall brick drum deformation: support the template should be taken in the external wall reinforcement measures.

4, ring beam template outside the expansion: ring beam template support did not jam, support is not strong, the template on the mouth rod bad or not nail. No concrete repair template when pouring concrete.

5, concrete flow fall: template board stitched too large without fiber board, wood and other stickers.



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