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Building construction for the walls, columns, beams, roof, stairs, elevator wells and other construction needs a variety of architectural templates, especially the rapid development of the Internet today, our construction units through a variety of channels to contact a large number of Of the different types of film faced plywood products, in the actual construction if the fast and accurate selection for different wall pillars to build the film faced plywood, both to achieve the full and rational use of the purpose of building sheet, but also can play a multiplier, Cost effect. Here we combine the specific situation in the construction to analyze how to choose the appropriate film faced plywood products.

First, the construction of the building floor roof construction needs of the film faced plywood is considerable, such a large format template and concrete pouring need to use the whole building flat template, in the pursuit of project quality under the premise of our choice of flat template The thickness should reach 18mm, because this thickness of the flat template in the wood Fang, after the reinforcement of the tube, vibration rod pouring concrete resistance is very high, stripping the water effect is also very good. The core is generally one-time molding, no secondary repair, very labor and worry. Especially in the use of turnover, the thickness of the building in the 18mm flat template will be used more times.

Second, the construction of square columns, cylindrical and connected over the beam, the market today for the construction of its exclusive products. At this time the film faced plywood appeared square pillar template, circular template. In other words, in the construction of cylindrical columns and square column, the construction side do not have their own designated woodworking auxiliary template, but by the third party manufacturers directly produce stereotypes film faced plywood, the scene can be used directly. Among them, the construction of square pillars, the general selection of qualified manufacturers of large manufacturers of products, because they support the product is quite mature, such as the radius of plastic square box template is dedicated to create a custom template template, his package is very mature , The template with a professional adjustable fasteners, so that the construction side can be used directly. In the construction of the cylinder, the market also has targeted film faced plywood, such as Pengcheng wooden building circular template, this section of the film faced plywood is also equipped with a very mature fasteners, the site can be installed directly. In the selection of these products, the cylinder and the beam at the need to build these custom templates can be cut after the size of the use of its wooden structure can easily achieve the purpose of arbitrary cutting.

Third, there are many knowledge of the construction of the shear wall. Because all the flat template can play the shear wall, but the choice of different templates, to create the effect of the shear wall is different. From the actual construction, the shear wall pouring concrete separated from the 1-2 days after stripping, and some wall seams obvious, stripping hanging pulp serious, there are large and small bubbles holes, and some full of cracks, Some of the wall surface smooth, and even to achieve the mirror effect. Secondary repair and one-time molding is more concerned about the construction side of the problem, choose high-quality flat template is the key. Now there are several grades on the market film faced plywood for your reference. First, the use of steel formwork, taking into account the floor, cost and ease of operation, under normal circumstances, the construction side will not easily choose. Second, the use of wood templates, construction wood template market price is divided into 3 kins, one is low grade, one is middle grade, anoter one is top grade. It is noteworthy that, now on the market there is a plastic-coated flat-panel, the substrate for the poplar or eucalyptus, the outer full-coated PPE plastic film, to create a wall, bridge body mirror effect. The domestic market on a radius of plastic flat template recognition is still relatively high. Third, there are some use of bamboo plastic sheet, plastic template, but with the construction requirements of the convenience, efficiency, the use of these architectural templates in the gradual decline in the frequency.

Fourth, in the construction of large bridges, especially large piers, are generally used are custom steel mold. Nowadays, the large-scale bridge in the bridge, the bridge base of the construction of the gradual use of the quality of the construction of wood templates, of which the use of plastic bridge construction template, in the actual construction, the market corresponding to the square plastic building flat template to overcome The demolition of the cycle of the long difficulties (the bridge after pouring concrete concrete after 2 months of solidification), stripping the bridge after the mirror to achieve the effect of water.

In short, in the choice of the appropriate film faced plywood, benevolent see benevolent wise see wisdom, but in the actual construction, we must be aware of what we meet the project to achieve what kind of requirements and standards, we can calmly use the experience To select the appropriate film faced plywood.



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