Stage use antislip plywood and decorative use antislip plywood difference

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Difference of stage use antislip plywood and decorative use antislip plywood have 3 point:

1.difference in non-slip surface

Stage use antislip plywood requires the non-slip surface of the skid surface to protrude and has a high coefficient of friction resistance. The raised lines will enhance the anti-slip effect, especially in rainy weather, the darker skid plate can effectively prevent people from sliding on the stage board. The high coefficient of wear resistance can also be expressed in the text as a high wear-resisting rotation number. The wear resistance number of an ordinary household floor is about 6,000 rpm, and the higher wear-resistant rotation number of the anti-skid plate used as a stage board can reach over 12,000 rpm. Of course, achieving this effect requires the use of a dynean film imported from Finland (ROCPLEX stage plywood film also can do), with a density of 460 g/m2 or more. Decorative anti-skid plate because the main purpose is appearance, practicality is not high, so the requirements of lines and abrasion resistance is relatively low, but the demand for color is very high, so there are light gray, dark gray, brown, blue, Red color and other decorative skid plate.

2.differences in core board

The main material for the composition of the anti-skid plate is the core plate. The anti-skid plate of the stage requires the material of the core plate to be hard, good in toughness, resistant to bending and friction, which are all requirements for the anti-skid plate of the stage.

The core board of the decorative anti-skid board requires delicate wood grain, and the decorative anti-skid board does not allow any flaws on the front board. This will affect the decorative effect. The delicate graininess of the core board is the guarantee of the board surface. Obtaining this kind of high-grade skid plate can only select the wood grain delicate core plate to bond to avoid the surface defects. The wood grain of the beech wood core plate is very delicate.

3.difference in glue

Glue is an important material for connecting the anti-slip core board. The stage board requires high-strength adhesiveness. Generally, it needs to experience the sun exposure, rain erosion, and the selected glue is generally water-resistant, sunscreen type phenolic resin.

Decorative anti-skid plate is generally used more often in the room, so it is most important that decorative anti-skid plates generally use E0, E1, E2 and other low-formaldehyde environmentally-friendly glues.

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