Pallet LVL, Pallet laminated veneer lumber for Korea Market

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LVL Dimensions :  

pallet LVL.jpg

SENSO LVL Available in a wide range of sizes

Length:2,440, 3,960mm , 5000mm 
Width:50 to 1,220mm
Thickness:25 to 120mm
Regular Size :2,440 x 1,220 x 25/42/44mm
Glue:MR E2, E1,E0,WBP
Min Order Quantity:one  40ft HC  

SENSO LVL Advantages :


1. LVL has excellent bending resistance, tension and compression properties and

    greater load-bearing capacity than traditional natural wood material.

2. LVL can be used for horizontal and vertical solutions, providing a dimensionalprecision

    which gives architects greater design possibilities. 

3. Reduce twisting, warping and splitting  , makes LVL easy to build with time and cost savings.  


Applications :


1. For all kinds of fumigation-free packaging ; formwork ;Construction beams,

    rafters and columns for wide range of buiding structurals . 

2.  LVL is often used to complement the use of sawn timber in domestic construction.

3. In commercial or industrial structures it is often used as a wood-based

    alternative to structural steel or reinforced concrete,

4. Generally LVL is chosen when sawn timber is not strong enough to support the structure .
5. Packaging Material for mechanical Eequipment


SNESO LVL Quality Standard: 

  • Even thickness, no unglued and no bubble, on the face 

  • The color should be consistent 

  • No glues passing through, no worm bore 

  • No mildew and no crack 

  • Can be jointed or repaired in the back 

  • Static bending strength: ≥50MPa 

  • Modulus of elasticity: ≥7,000MPa

  • It’s grain runs longitudinally through the veneer layers,

  • Being specially kilndried to 10-15% moisture content .  



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