Formply usage and maintenance

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1.Place long edge of formply sheets across the supports.

2.Allow 2-3mm expansion gap on all formply sheet edges and if required use some form of elastic sealer to fill gap – the gap may have to be widened to allow for the gap filler.

3.When nailing or screwing the formply sheets it is essential to fix to avoid movement. When counter sinking the fixings through the overlay paper it will be necessary to fill these with epoxy filler and smooth off to give good finish and limit moisture uptake.

4.To avoid staining from fasteners use hot-dipped galvanised, stainless or alloy fasteners.

5.Cut edges of formply should be resealed using acrylic paint which helps keep moisture out and minimises distortion that can be caused by expansion around formply sheet perimeters. The factories cut edges are coated with a waterrepellent coating. The veneers are bonded with A-bond marine glue, which ensures they will not separate under wet conditions.

6.Use release agent before use and reuse to ensure clean release from concrete and to minimise hydration staining.

7.Take care to avoid vibrator contact as much as possible to keep foemply face intact and in so doing extend the life, to give repetitive service.

8.When storing formply sheets, where possible, lay flat with support of bearers.

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