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What is birch plywood?Birch plywood.jpg

Birch plywood is a high quality birch veneer panel with excellent physical and mechanical properties. It is used extensively in construction, packaging, furniture and vehicle manufacture and other precision engineering applications. Its main attributes are its consistent strength, fine grain texture and ease of finishing.

Advantage of birch plywood

Birch plywood have aesthetic Advantage

Birch plywood is perfect for home furnishings, as it has a nice, rich sheen, and it gives the end product a nice, elegant finish. Additionally, birch plywood allows you to customize the end product as per your wishes; you can leave it untreated or have it stained. It can also be worked and smoothed over, or it can be left as it is. Either way, you can rest assure that the finished product will still look good.

Birch plywood have Strength Advantage

Birch plywood is known for its durability. The process of forming the birch plywood reinforces the strength of the original piece of wood. Birch plywood is formed by layering up three or more layers of birch. This adds a great amount of stability and strength to the plywood.

Birch plywood have safety Advantage

Birch plywood does not have many knots or jagged edges. It is smooth and is not known to splinter or crack. This makes it the wood of choice for cabinet (and other furniture) makers as well as toy makers. In fact, it is ideal for any child-friendly construction.

Classification of birch plywood

From application to difference, birch plywood can divided into three kins:

Construction use birch plywood also called film faced plywood birch core,Wallboard use birch plywood,Furniture use birch plywood and Packing use birch plywood.

Birch plywood price

Birch plywood is difference. It is rest with birch plywood grade and application.

As a general rule, construction use birch plywood is expensive, furniture use birch plywood and Wallboard use birch plywood price is middle. Packing use birch plywood is cheap.

Birch plywood supplier in china

China is the largest birch plywood production base. Mainly distributed in jiangsu province and shandong province. Also these two area have more than 20 years experience produce birch plywood, so the plywood quality and price with excellence advantage. They perennial OEM for USA , Europe market and China local market.


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