plastic plywood can use 40 times

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What is Plastic Plywood ?

plastic plywood is made from softwood or hardwood core, and the surface is made of the plastic, a renewable resource. It can be used in construction projects or a variety of other residential applications. It also meets high quality grading standards.

Why plastic plywood better than normal plywood

Plastic plywood different for the film faced plywood, the biggest difference is the surface, one is the the film papper, another is the pp plastic, as we all know, plastic is non-corrosive, acid and alkaline retardant, and has a very rigid surface compare to melamine film. the biggest advantage is that pp plywood doesn't stick to the concrete when it’s dry, and can be removed very easily. after dismount, the surface of the pp plywood remains smooth and intact, so it can be used repeatedly several time ,thus greatly increase the efficiency and quality of the form work.. Currently, our pp plywood is often used more than 30 times in China

Advantages of the plastic plywood,

1、No need of release agent, easy to demoulding.

2、 Light in weight, easy to use, can be cutted to any size.

3、Firmly surface, Perfect concrete molding.

4、Re used more than 30 times.

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