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Plastic coated plywood also called pp film faced plywood ,plastic faced plywood ,pp plastic coated plywood.

The plastic coated plywood is well combined by plastic materials with basic plywood.
Plastic coated plywood is newly-developed patented plywood used for cement reinforced construction . Compared with traditional paper film ,it is characterized by the performance of pp film and more reusable times on construction application.
What is the plastic film?
PP plastic plywood is called polypropylene film that is one type of plastic materials The film is 0.5mm on thickness and film color can be customized as green ,red, black ,yellow and others. Green color film is predominantly accepted in the market.
The pp film is also printed with customers’ trademark and logo. 
This plastic film features smooth face/back ,waterproof ,wear resistant, easy to clean.
PP plastic plywood applications
1) It is widely used in Construction, concrete shuttering, concrete formwork etc.
2) One set of this kind of plywood is enough for a 30 storey’s high-rise buildings.
3) Can be reused more than 30 times.

It’s a reusable panel with PP film on both sides for concrete construction, can be cut into any shape for adjusting to the dimension of the wall, because of the high level waterproof of PP film, the reusable of plastic film panel can reach to hundreds time if matched with aluminium frames.

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