construction plywood common problems and solutions

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Construction plywood adhesive plaster not fastness, large area degumming


1. Bad quality of glue (e.g., mildew, etc.);

2. High moisture.


1. Tear off the construction plywood veneer, scrape off the glue, and re-glue;  

2.The water content of the construction plywood veneer should be controlled between 12%-14%.

Construction plywood surface is uneven


1. The basic veneer itself is not smooth;

2. The thickness of the adhesive layer is uneven, and the extra glue is not extruded when hot pressing


1. It is difficult to repair., the veneer can be re-planed and the surface of the part is trimmed;

2. Press the excess glue to form a thick and uniform rubber layer.

Construction plywood warping deformation of plate.


1. Improper mixing ratio of adhesive;

2. Improper hot press conditions;

3. The surface of the table is not symmetrical;

4. Large water content and drying shrinkage.


1.moderate levels after hot pressing conditions, hot pressing and piled pressure heavy block;

2.moisture content of veneer is unfavorable and exorbitant.

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