Film faced plywood​ is important material in the shape

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Film faced plywood is important material in the shape of building’s cement framework. So quality-control is necessary in the production ,storage and even in the application.
The following are the mostly common problems .
The film easily split on surface. It is due to the unevenness of the basic plywood or not treated smoothly and perfectly on surface repair. Besides, in the course of hot-pressed , the high temperature of machine also brings the film to dry and to the film split and not completely bonded.
The film itself quality is also have an impact on the film split.
Good and enough amount of glue bonding is main and decisive factor on the plywood . film faced plywood is intended for construction purpose and waterproof performance directly decides the reusable lifespan of film faced plywood. Take it for example, the whole sheet of plywood 2440X1220 dimension, inspecting it quality ,we can judge by the edge or corner. If the edge happens to break and have void/gap, it is largely due to the lack of glue.

Breakage and abrasion is main problem for the plywood corner. So standard and strong outer packing can helps to prevent the corner from breaking.


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